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The predictions cover the group stages only of the competition. This is the fairest way of ensuring that everyone entering has an equal chance of winning.


The scoring is as follows, 1 point if you correctly guess the numbers of goals a team achieves and 2 points if you correctly guess the outcome, giving a maximum of 4 points per game. For example:

Example game ENG 5 GER 1 Home Win
Bob Predicts: ENG 1 GER 2 Away Win Points: 0
Sue Predicts: ENG 1 GER 1 Draw Points: 1
Rita Predicts: ENG 2 GER 0 Home Win Points: 2
George Predicts: ENG 2 GER 1 Home Win Points: 3
Fred Predicts: ENG 5 GER 1 Home Win Points: 4


Your league's scores are available via the API: http://scorepredictions.co.uk/feed/league/<league name>